Dried apple - an ideal snack between meals… or a special touch to a fresh salad.


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Grown since 1992 in the fertile lands of Castro Daire, Viseu, in the Centre of Portugal, under unique characteristics of soil and temperature, the best apples in its orchard are are diligently picked by D-Apple , in order to ensure its customers the highest fruit quality standards.


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Red Energy

Red Energy is made from Jonagold apples – recognized as one of the best varieties of apple to be consumed immediately after being picked. Its pulp is consistent and juicy; a pleasant trace of acidity couples with an unique aroma. Jonagold should ideally be consumed either fresh from picking or in dehydrated form.

Green Detox

Green Detox is made from the Granny Smith apple variety, and is super crunchy and with an addictive acidity. A healthy variety with increasing demand in the market, ideal for those looking for a less sweet apple, is highly sought after by those who are trying to lose weight. Generally harvested at the end of October, it is well preserved in cold.
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Cinnamon Balance

Cinnamon Balance combines the apple Jonagold with a delicious touch of cinnamon. Delight yourself with the light traces of pleasant acidity of apple aroma with this spice that is very associated as being great for health. Ideal for those looking for a moment of pleasure without guilt.


Pedra da Fraga’s original apple orchard dates back to 1992, when the Golden, Red Starking, Jonagold, Reineta and Bravo de Esmolfe varieties were planted. In 2014, the Granny Smith variety was introduced into the orchard. Part of the fresh apple production is also channeled to sector operators in Portugal.
In 2015, with the aim of innovating and offering the market a novel product, the GUUD brand was created, picking some of the orchard’s production and channeling it to produce a unique, delicious and healthy snack, in the cottage’s premises. GUUD’s snack is made solely from slices of sheer fruit – no sugar or conservatives are added!
In 2016, GUUD introduced the Red Energy and Cinnamon Balance products into the market, exclusively made from Jonagold and Golden apples and also Green Detox, made from the Granny Smith variety, all grown in GUUD’s orchard.